Graphical analysis of data obtained during environmental test of spring barley varieties (Hordeum vulgare L.) using GGE biplot

П. М. Солонечний


Purpose. To use GGE biplot analysis for assessing varia­bility of spring barley varieties yield and identify the most valuable genotypes. Methods. Field, mathematical-and-statistical ones. Results. GGE biplot in the form of polygon showed that environments Е1, Е3 and Е4 form the first «megaenvironment» in which Donetskyi 15 variety «wins», environment E2 – the second «megaenvironment» in which Vzirets variety «wins». The varieties Stepovyk and Donetskyi  14 had the highest average yield while the varieties Modern, Vektor, and Kozvan were marked by their high stability. The Stepovyk variety appeared to be an «ideal» genotype in terms of combining yield capacity and its stability as compared to other genotypes. The Donetskyi 14, Kosar and Alegro varieties are also valuable regarding yield capa­city and stability. Conclusions. According to the results of studies, GGE biplot is recommended to use for analysis of environmental test data.


GGE biplot; genotype; yield capacity; environmental test; stability; spring barley


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