Comparative evaluation of predictable and unpredictable environments as backgrounds for selection to adaptive ability

В. М. Стариченко


The research of 122 breeding lines of winter wheat to adaptability have been carried out for three years at three points. Samples for ecological variety testing were determined which have both high and average stability and plasticity, high average yield and are promising for qualified examination. The environments are analyzed for differentiating ability. Environments were selected which allow to identify genotypes for yield potential and adaptive ability. It is established that the parameters of adaptive ability and stability of winter wheat samples obtained during cultivation both in various geographical locations and at one point during some years were closely correlated. This confirms the hypothesis that the genotype estimate for adaptive ability in one location is reliable. The connection level was average only for the variance of genotype–environment interaction. However, this parameter is not principal therefore this connection level does not restrict significantly the use of the method in general.


adaptability; adaptability determining method; environment assessment; soft winter wheat; yield,


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1. Еnvironmental evaluation of winter triticale prospective lines
S. I. Voloshchuk, M. V. Kharchenko
Myronivka Bulletin  Vol: 5  First page: 126  Year: 2017  
doi: 10.31073/mvis201705-11

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