Development and variability of soft winter wheat varieties in stress environmental conditions

В. М. Тищенко, М. В. Томіна, М. В. Дубенець


The article presents results of characteristics studying for generative and vegetative parts of soft winter wheat in the conditions of autumn moisture shortage and in the conditions of optimal moisture supply. During the period of studies a dramatic difference of the levels of generative and vegetative parts of plants has been observed. As a decreased level of characteristics development has been noted, so its increasing, in particular, among the varieties of generative part. within 7.2% (thousand seed weight) to 42.6% (seed weight per ear). It is found that efficient development of generative organs is subject to variety bushing capacity, in particular at spring. The article also shows that stress conditions of autumn period influence late emergence of seedlings; however, that goes along increased level of some characteristics development at generative part. Obviously, during such years the selection of breeding material as per ear yield would not be efficient. The article, for the purpose of excluding negative consequences of selection, pays special attention to such characteristics as that not affected by stress environmental conditions. This indicates genetic stability of those characteristics, so their use as marker characteristics in yield specific breeding is advised.


soft winter wheat; quantitative characteristics; stress environment; organogenesis stages; marker characteristics


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