Potato varieties dynamics (Solanum tuberosum L.), suitable for dissemination in Ukraine during the 1991-2013 period

П. М. Василюк, А. А. Подгаєцький, Н. В. Кравченко, З. Б. Києнко


The analysis of dynamics entering into the State Register of Plant Varieties suitable for distribution in Ukraine, potato varieties during the period of 1991–2013.The magnificent differences in the total numbers of varieties, including foreign and national breeding are determined. The certain period of years with relatively equal number of varieties suitable for distribution in Ukraine is revealed. Simultaneously their number has increased 4.7 times for the entire period. The Scientific Institutions have been established, and their share of varieties is considered to be the biggest one in the Register, although the varieties of the most Breeding Institutions performed their competitiveness in recent years. The different ratio between foreign countries varieties and firms on number suitable for distribution in Ukraine has been set. It concerns their total number, having increased during the period of 1991 – 2013 12.3 times.


potato varieties; varieties of national and foreign breeding; breeding institutions; basic agronomic performance


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.21498/2518-1017.4(21).2013.56780


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