Methodical algorithm of harmonized identification of plant varieties morphological characteristics

Н. В. Павлюк, О. А. Стадніченко


The article performs the requirements to the preparation and Table characteristics content of the holding Test guidelines examination of new varieties to identify the difference, uniformity and stability. It is pointed that the identification of varieties is carried by the morphological characteristics description as presented in the table. Being standard these characteristics comply with ones requirements. An characteristics explanation with an asterisk (*) is given, their importance for the international harmonization of variety descriptions by States UPOV Members is indicated. The article presents an explanation of the grouping characteristics with documented revealing conditions. As it is commonly determined any characteristic begins with the plants or plants parts identification, which after a colon is followed by the body or its part nomination or by observed peculiarity. The requirements to the formulation of characteristics nomination are performed. It should be clear enough for understanding and without conditions determining. The degree of every characteristic nomination manifestation for its defining and making harmonizing descriptions is set. The corresponding numeric code, which facilitates the entry of data, drafting descriptions and their exchanging is given to each revealing degree. The morphological code configuration of variety phenotype is formed by the codes. It is emphasized that the features are divided into qualitative, quantitative and pseudo qualitative. The presentation order of the features in the table corresponds to the botanical or chronological order. It is noted that the Test guidelines should contain all the features suitable for holding examination at BOC and that there should not be any restrictions on their being included into Methods. Every feature can be used from a complete features list.


plant variety; morphological characteristics; identification; standard; characteristics; independent; characteristics; characteristics with an asterisk; grouping characteristics; characteristics categories; characteristics; degree of; codes revealing


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