Selection of tomato hybrids (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) for cultivation in the extended culture winter greenhouses

І. Л. Гаврись


The article presents the estimation of economic and biological characteristics of indeterminant tomato hyb­ rids (Raisa F1, Macarena F1, Emotion F1, Anabel F1, Mariachi F1) under conditions of winter hydroponic. The earliest emergence of fruits is established for Macarena F1 tomato hydrid. The total number of brushes, flo­ ers and w fruits formed on the plant during the vegetation period, is determined. The degree of fruit inception, yield per plant and average weight of the plant are measured. The monthly dynamics of hybrid tomato crops is presented. The largest harvest was collected through May to July. Marketable and non-marketable portions of the harvest and commercial quality of tomato fruits are determined. A close correlation between fruit weight and fruit yield is established. The Macarena F1 hybrid is distinguished as the most precocious and high-yielding variety.


hybrid; tomato; prolonged crop; extent of setting; yield; marketing quality; productivity


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