Effect of selection on green pea hybrid population structure

В. М. Стригун


The article features the results of variability study for one of the productivity characteristics in green pea, namely «number of seeds in the seedpod» for hybrid  populations and for the selections made thereof. Statistical methods of analysis have established the levels of variability for the characteristics in F2 original population , the impact of the selection completed within F2 onto the variability of F3 hybrid population. This shows the efficiency of repeated selection from F3 population and its impact onto the level of expersiioon of the characteristic being studied in the resulting F6 population. As a conclusion, a good time is set for practical breeding with the characteristic of «number of seeds in a seedpod» for  the selection, as well as for the methods for achieving its stable expression, that is to facilitate the decrease of durations and means for the tests conduct.


garden pea; hybrid population; selections; stability of characteristics expression; breeding; variability.


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