Introduction of lesserknown vegetable crops of Cucurbitaceous family

І. М. Бобось, Н. О. Лаврентьєва


The article unveils results and prospects for the introduction of lesser-known vegetable crops of Cucurbitaceous family to extend the diversity among vegetables. Among 5 species the best by commodity yield and quality indexes are selected. The promising species could be recommended for use in horticulture and landscaping. Introduction onto the territory of Ukraine of new lesserknown species of Cucurbitaceous family, such as trichosanthes, luffa, lagenaria, anguria, momordica will enable to extend the use of vegetable crops in landscaping for the designing of alpine hills, ornamental beds, decorating verandas, arbours, balconies with planting, as a wonderful material for artistic visage, restaurant business and agro-tourism. To extend the diversity among the vegetables in openair espalier growing it is promising to run the cultivation of disease and pest resistant, displaying good indices of taste estimate and quality species, namely trichosanthes of 5,1 kg/sq.m. commercial yield, with fresh and canned fruits accumulating high content of a dry matter (6,5 to 10,1%) and sugars (4,1 to 8,5%) and characterized by taste estimate for the processed foodstuff of 8,5 points.


інтродукція; момордіка харантська; трихозант; ангурія; люфа; лагенарія; вид; продуктивність; урожайність.


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