Efficasy of the Post-registration Variety Research of Winter Wheat

Л. І. Уліч, О. Л. Уліч


It has been found that post registration variety studying facilitates deeper and overall research of the morphological, agricultural, and biological characteristics and properties of the varieties, as well as it allows to generate national variety resources, based on the selection of complementary varieties for narrow zones and regions. Influence of the agricultural technologies on productivity of different winter wheat types has been studied. Expediency of the post-testing variety studying on two levels of agricultural backgrounds, optimization of the research program, of the research plot areas, diversification of the protective measures against diseases, have been explained.


сорт; післяреєстраційне сортовивчення; пшениця озима; агрофони; урожайність і продуктивність пшениць


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.21498/2518-1017.5.2007.66417


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