Morphological features of leaves in climbing roses varieties of the genus Rosa L.


  • Т. О. Буйдіна Національний ботанічний сад імені М. М. Гришка НАН України
  • О. Ф. Рожок Миколаївський національний аграрний університет



climbing roses, variety, compound leaf, leaf blade, biometric characteristics, decorative value


Purpose. To study biometric characteristics of climbing roses leaves (length of compound leaf, the number of leaf blades, total leaf area and leaf blade area) and select the best varieties on this base. Methods. General biological (biometric) study and statistical evaluation. Results. As follows from the morphological analysis, a significant leaf size variation in the studied varieties of climbing roses was revealed. The leaf size in such varieties as ‘Kahovka’, ‘Flammentanz’, ‘Krasnyi Maiak’ was the largest, in ‘New Dawn’ and ‘Krymskoe Solnyshko’ – the smallest one. Based on the leaf biometric study of 9 varieties of climbing roses, the authors defined that ‘Flammentanz’, ‘Krasnyi Maiak’, ‘Kahovka’ varieties had the highest values of leaf parameters. The ‘Veilchenblau’ variety differed significantly from the other studied samples by the form and color of leaves that had a positive impact on its decorative value. Data obtained allowed to select varieties that can be used in landscaping not only because of flower decorative characteristics, but also due to attractive leaf appearance, as well as varieties for application in breeding programs related to this trait. Conclusions. Biometric characteristics of climbing roses leaves (length of compound leaf, the number of leaf blades, total leaf area and leaf blade area) were studied, and in compliance with the results the best varieties were selected that can be re­commended for use in gardening and breeding.

Author Biographies

Т. О. Буйдіна, Національний ботанічний сад імені М. М. Гришка НАН України

T. O. Buidina

О. Ф. Рожок, Миколаївський національний аграрний університет

O. F. Rozhok


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