Ukrainian cereals and oilseeds trade




maize, sunflower, export, import, price of seed, hybrids


Purpose. To analyze peculiarities of Ukrainian cereals and oilseeds trade, the situation on the world market, and determine future prospects of its development.

Methods. Analysis and synthesis, comparative evaluation, graphic procedure.

Results. The role and place of Ukraine in a total grain supply to the world market was determined. Ukraine is a world’s top ten grain producer. Among domestic agricultural products, cereals, oilseeds and sunflower oil are in the highest demand in the world. In recent years, our state has reinforced its status as one of the leading exporters of cereals. The commodity pattern of cereals and oilseeds export was analyzed with specifying most in-demand positions and the main countries purchasing these pro­ducts. According to the results of 2015, Ukraine obtained the highest foreign currency revenue from export of corn, wheat and barley (in grain structure) including soybeans and rapeseed (among oil crops). Key domestic and multinational operators are the main exporters of cereals and oilseeds in Ukraine and still hold their leading position. It was found a significant excess of import price of seeds as compared with export price of crops grown in Ukraine. Assortment of maize and sunflower seeds offered by major companies-producers in Ukraine was studied. Main trends of the world grain market development are considered.

Conclusions. It was established that Ukraine is one of the major exporters of cereals and oilseeds. However, volatility of their prices significantly affects the export revenue that was decreasing even with increasing export quantities in kind. The dependence of domestic grain industry development on high-quality imported seed of maize and sunflower hybrids was recorded. It is expected that in the years to come Ukraine will maintain its strong positions in the world’s grain market.

Author Biographies

Б. В. Духницький, National Scientific Center “Institute of Agrarian Economy”

Dukhnytskyi, B. V.

Т. В. Сіліфонов, Ukrainian Institute of plant varieties examination

Silifonov, T. V.


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Духницький, Б. В., & Сіліфонов, Т. В. (2016). Ukrainian cereals and oilseeds trade. Plant Varieties Studying and Protection, (3(32), 85–90.