Ecological plasticity and stability of new sugar beet hybrids




sugar beet hybrids, implementation of productivity, ecological plasticity and stability


Purpose. To аnalyze modern sugar beet hybrids in terms of plasticity and stability indices. To identify genotypes adapted to different soil and climatic zones on the territory of Ukraine with subsequent recommendations related to the production.

Methods. Field study, laboratory testing, analy­tical procedure and statistical evaluation.

Results. Features of productivity formation in new sugar beet hybrids in different soil and climatic zones of Ukraine has been studied with further recommendations for hybrids distribution in regions of sugar beet production. Response of genotype to environmental conditions change, degree of their impact on yield level, sugar content, sugar yield by hybrids evaluation in terms of ecological plasticity and stability indices was defined. According to calculations, such hybrids as ‘Novela’ (b = 1,15), ‘Protekta’ (b = 1,12), ‘Monsan’ (b = 1,09), ‘Proteus’ (b = 1,03) can be considered as highly adaptive for yield level, they require advanced agrotechnology, and only in case of observing all requirements they will produce maximum yield. ‘Proteus’ (b = 1,29), ‘Bizon’ (b = 1,26), ‘Si Belana’ (b = 1,20), ‘Protekta’ (b = 1,12) hybrids were highly adaptive for sugar content. Almost all hybrids showed high plasticity for sugar yield index, except ‘Monsan’ (b = 0,45), ‘Highland’ (b = 0,96), ‘Glorianna KWS’ (b = 0,96).

Conclusions. According to the results of investigation, one can recommend producers to use ‘Proteus’ and ‘Protekta’ hybrids that revealed a positive res­ponse to improvement of growing conditions for all studied parameters. ‘Highland’ and ‘Glorianna KWS’ hybrids are advisable to grow on extensive background where at minimum cost they will form the maximum parameter values. 

Author Biography

І. І. Коровко, Institute of bioenergy crops and sugar beet NAAS

Korovko, I. I.


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