Formation of productivity depending on the stability and plasticity of grain sorghum varieties




grain sorghum, yielding, stability, plasticity


Purpose. To evaluate the stability and plasticity of new varieties of grain sorghum in ecological conditions of the Fores-Steppe and Steppe zone of Ukraine.

Methods. Field study, statistical evaluation.

Results. It was found that in Ukraine the average yield of grain sorghum in 2015 was 3.72 t/ha and in 2016 – 3.36 t/ha. In field experiments during 2009–2016, ‘Praim’ and ‘Sprynt 2’ hybrids appeared to be significantly better as compared to averaged yields of 3.9 t/ha. Evaluation of yield plasticity in environmental conditions of the Forest-Steppe and Steppe zones showed that the hybrid ‘Praim’ did not differ from the group standard and its index is no more than one. At the same time, the ‘Sprynt 2’ is highly-plastic hybrid and ‘Dniprovskyi 39’ belongs to relatively low-plastic varieties.

Conclusions. It was established that, as an average of an experiment, hyb­rids of grain sorghum ‘Praim’ and ‘Sprynt 2’ had a yield of 4,2–4,3 t/ha. According to the analysis of ecological plasticity, ‘Sprynt 2’ can be included with the intensive type and ‘Dniprovskyi 39’ – with relatively low-plastic varieties. It was found that proper selection of varieties and far­ming practices of cultivation is one of the main factors that favors high yields and respectively determine 37% and 34% of the level of grain sorghum productivity.


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Author Biographies

Г. М. Каражбей, Ukrainian Institute for Plant Variety Examination

Karazhbei, H. M.

П. І. Шпак, Ukrainian Institute for Plant Variety Examination

Shpak, P. I.

М. С. Козловська, Ukrainian Institute for Plant Variety Examination

Kozlovska, M. S.

Т. П. Мельниченко, Ukrainian Institute for Plant Variety Examination

Melnychenko, T. P.

М. К. Карпич, Ukrainian Institute for Plant Variety Examination

Karpych, M. K.


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Каражбей, Г. М., Шпак, П. І., Козловська, М. С., Мельниченко, Т. П., & Карпич, М. К. (2017). Formation of productivity depending on the stability and plasticity of grain sorghum varieties. Plant Varieties Studying and Protection, 13(2), 150–154.