Soybean response to implementation of agrotechnical measures under various weather conditions during the year




weather conditions, green manure, seed inoculation, productivity


Purpose. To substantiate and develop breeding technologies of soybean cultivation under various weather conditions of the Western Forest-Steppe zone.

Methods. Laboratory test, statistical and mathematical analysis.

Results. Analysis of the data of yielding increase due to the use of seed inoculation, green manure and spraying of crops with microbial prepa­rations showed that their effect was much dependent on the weather conditions during the year. Based on the analysis of productivity of such early ripening varieties of soybean as ‘Lehenda’, ‘Anzhelika’ and ‘Ksenia’ during 2011–2015, it was found that the influence of agrometeorological conditions during the vegetation period accounted for 47.8%. The results of the analysis of five-year data of productivity of the late soybean variety ‘Heorhina’ indicated that the share of influence of agrometeorological conditions during the vege­tation period on the studied variety was 48.8%. The use of microbial strains of nodule bacteria Bradyrhizobium japonicum 634b, 614A and M-8 against two backgrounds (in case of green manure application and without it) was compared, and microbial culture Hetomik application during the vege­tation period.

Conclusion. All biological preparations and green manure considerably increased yield of soybean seeds in moderately humidified and elevated temperature conditions. For soybean growing, the application of green manure, seed inoculation with strains of M-8, 614A and Hetomik spraying of crops was effective. The use of these methods for gro­wing ‘Lehenda’ variety was the most effective. Such varieties as ‘Lehenda’ and ‘Anzhelika’ showed more stable results as compared to others in case of considerable variations of agrometeorological conditions.


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Author Biography

Л. І. Прус, State Agrarian and Engineering University in Podilya

Prus, L. I.


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