Features of forming a conveyor of commodity pro­ducts of lettuce, Lactuca sativa L., varieties in the Western Forest-Steppe of Ukraine





lettuce, variety, growth and development, phenology, biometrics, edible organ, crop capacity, identification, conveyor


Purpose. To reveal the scientific bases of forming the conveyor production of commercial products of lettuce, Lactuca sativa L., varieties in the conditions of the Western Forest-Steppe of Ukraine.

Methods. Field research was conducted during 2015–2017 at the research field of the Department of Horticulture and Vegetable Growing of the Lviv National Agrarian University in accordance with the Methodology on Experimental Techniques in Vegetable and Melon Growing (2001) and Methods of Expertise of lettuce, Lactuca sativa L., varieties.

Results. It is revealed that the soil and climatic conditions of the Western Forest-Steppe of Ukraine contri­bute to the optimal growth and development of all lettuce varieties of the corresponding types, as evidenced by the structure of conveyor receipt of fresh commodity products to the consumer (first decade of April – first decade of November). The shortest growing season was provided by lettuce varieties var. secalina ‘Zorepad, ‘Malakhit, ‘Dublianskyi’, which have the shortest period from seedlings to technical ripeness (21–42 days). Therefore, varieties of this variation occupy the lar­gest share in the conveyor production of commercial products, which, with early spring sowing in open ground (April 14–20), comes to the consumer in the first decade of May. Winter sowing (21.11) ensured the receipt of fresh produce in the first decade of April. Commercial products by mass of edible organs, shape of the rosette of leaves (heads, stems), color, consistency and taste qualities corresponds to the technical requirements for Lactuca sativa L.

Conclusions. The selection of varieties of lettuce for the conveyor production of commercial products should be carried out taking into account the variety of the corresponding type, ripeness group, and timing of sowing. The receipt of fresh lettuce to the consumer is directly dependent on the timing of seeds sowing (early spring, late spring, summer-autumn and winter).


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Author Biographies

Н. В. Лещук, Ukrainian Institute for Plant Variety Examination

Nadiya Leschuk

О. Й. Дидів, Lviv National Agrarian University

Olha Dydiv

О. В. Хареба, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

Olena Khareba


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