Characteristics of productivity of soft winter wheat samples from Common Bunt-Resistant Nursery (CBUNT-RES) in the southern Forest-Steppe zone of Ukraine




soft winter wheat, productivity, valuable economic character, source material


Purpose. Evaluate the introduced samples of soft winter wheat from the international nursery Common Bunt-Resistant Nursery (CBUNT-RES) of different ecological and geographical origin in the southern part of the Forest-Steppe zone of Ukraine according to a set of productivity indicators in order to define the most valuable samples and describe them.

Methods. During 2016–2019 on the base of Ustymivka Experimental Station for Plant Production of the V. Ya. Yuriev Plant Production Institute of NAAS the authors studied, evaluated and described 75 new soft winter wheat samples of various eco-geographical origins by productivity traits. In the field and laboratory conditions, indicators of yield and productivi­ty were determined: 1000 grains weight, plant height and ear length, the number of spikelets and grains in the ear, weight of ear and grain and early-ripening.

Results. Plant material with increased parameters of economic and biological characters was identified. During studies, it was found that ‘F08347G8’, ‘F00628G34-1’ (Romania), ‘91-142A61/KATIA1//GRISET-4’, ‘SAULESKU#44/TR810200//GRISET-4’, ‘ATTILA/BABAX//PASTOR/4/…’ (IU067591) (Turkey), ‘INTENSIVNAYA//PBW343*2/TUKURU’, ‘SANZAR-8/KKTS’ (Mexico) were the high-yielding varieties. The samples of soft winter wheat as ‘F08347G8’, ‘F00628G34-1’ (Romania), ‘INTENSIVNAYA//PBW343*2/…’ (IU067637) (Mexico), ‘ATAY/GALVEZ87/6/TAST/…’ (IU067587), ‘DE9/MERCAN-2’, ‘KRASNODAR/FRTL/6…’ (IU067595), ‘SAULESKU#44/TR810200//GRISET-4’, ‘GANSU-1/3/AUSGS50AT34/…’ (IU067598), ‘ORKINOS-1*2/3/AUS…’ (IU067608), ‘KAMBARA1/ZANDER-17’ , ‘TAM200/KAUZ/4/CHAM6//…’ (IU067612) (Turkey) contained a large grain weight (more than 5.0 g), plant productivity in these samples was rather high due to increased amount of grains and the thousand kernel weight.

Conclusions. The introduced soft winter wheat samples of various eco-geographical origins were adapted to the Southern Forest-Steppe and can be recommended as a source material in breeding to increasing productive capacity.


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Author Biographies

С. М. Холод, Ustymivka Experimental Station of Plant Production of Plant Production Institute nd. a. V. Ya. Yuriev, NAAS of Ukraine

Svitlana Kholod

В. М. Кір’ян, Ustymivka Experimental Station of Plant Production of Plant Production Institute nd. a. V. Ya. Yuriev, NAAS of Ukraine

Viktor Kirian

Р. С. Вискуб, Ustymivka Experimental Station of Plant Production of Plant Production Institute nd. a. V. Ya. Yuriev, NAAS of Ukraine

Roman Vyskub


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