Influence of preceding crops and sowing date on the yield of varieties of Triticum aestivum L. under the conditions of the central Forest-Steppe of Ukraine




winter wheat, predecessor, sowing period, weather conditions, influencing factors


Purpose. To determine the yield potential of new winter wheat varieties of the Myronivka breeding as a function of preceding crops and sowing dates, and to determine their proportion of influence in the conditions of the central ForestSteppe of Ukraine.

Methods. The research was conducted in a four-factor field experiment at the V. M. Remeslo Myronivka Institute of Wheat, National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine during 2018/19–2020/21.

Results. As a result of the study of five promising varieties of winter wheat, sown on September 25 and October 5 after two predecessors (soybean and sunflower), it was found that, regardless of the sowing dates, the average yield of the varieties studied was higher after the predecessor soybean and varied from 3.77 to 6.24 t/ha compared to its predecessor sunflower – 3.35–5.52 t/ha. The variety ‘MIP Yuvileina’ produced the maximum yield in the first sowing period (5.52 and 6.24 t/ha after the preceding sunflower and soybean, respectively) and the variety ‘MIP Fortuna’ – in the second sowing period (5.46 t/ha after the preceding soybean).

Conclusions. The yield potential of winter wheat varieties was determined in relation to their predecessors and sowing dates in the conditions of the central Forest-Steppe of Ukraine. According to the results of the variance analysis of the obtained data, the proportion of influence of these factors on the crop yield was determined. The largest contribution to the yield variance was made by the year of sowing (67.8%) and the predecessor (20.9%).


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