Varieties of spring and winter durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) by alleles of the Ppd-A1 gene




Triticum durum, type of development, photoperiod, Ppd-1 genes, genotype


Purpose. Identification and evaluation of the frequencies of dominant and recessive alleles of the Ppd-A1 gene in winter and spring durum wheat varieties of different geographical origins. Methods. DNA isolation, allele-specific PCR, electrophoresis in agarose and polyacrylamide gels and statistical analysis were used in the research. Results. Using diagnostic molecular markers, the genotypes of 81 spring and winter durum wheat varieties from different geographical origins were identified by alleles of the Ppd-A1 gene, which determines differences in photoperiodic sensitivity. Four alleles were found in spring varieties and three in winter varieties (the dominant allele Ppd-A1a.2 was absent). The recessive allele Ppd-A1_del303 was not found in any of the examined varieties. Conclusions. No significant differences were found between winter and spring genotypes in the frequency of one or the other allele. In winter and spring varieties, the recessive allele Ppd-A1_del2ex7 is the most frequent (68.5 and 47.9%, respectively). The recessive allele Ppd-A1b is significantly lower in winter varieties and almost identical in spring varieties. The frequencies of the dominant alleles Ppd-A1a.2 and Ppd-A1a.3 are lower than the two above and generally very low. The Ppd-A1a.2 allele was detected only in the Georgian variety ‘Merliuri’ (spring type); Ppd-A1a.3 – in the Ukrainian varieties ‘Luhanska 7’, ‘Metyska’ (spring) and ‘Koralovyi’ (winter). The possibility of using varieties carrying the dominant alleles Ppd-A1a.2 and Ppd-A1a.3 as donors in hard winter wheat bree­ding programmes is currently being discussed, in order to increase their adaptive potential in conditions of drought and high temperatures and to increase grain yield. The use of marker analysis will ensure the selection of breeding material with the optimal combination of alleles of the Ppd-A1a gene.


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