Impact of weather conditions during the growing season on winter barley yield in the Forest-Steppe zone of Ukraine




winter barley, yield, weather conditions, growing season, amount of precipitation, air temperature, the sum of the degree days


Purpose. To establish the level of formation of winter barley yield depending on weather conditions during the gro­wing season in the Forest-Steppe zone of Ukraine.

Methods. Field investigations, ANOVA, variance and correlation analysis.

Results. Positive correlation was revealed between yield and the duration of the vegetation (r = 0.54) and especially “heading–maturation” period (r = 0.76). Moderate positive correlation was established between yield and mean daily air temperature during the period from termination to resumption of vegetation (r = 0.44), and strong negative one – between yield and mean daily air temperature during hea­ding to maturation period (r = -0.77). Positive correlation was observed between yield and rainfall amount during the period from vegetation resumption to heading (r = 0.30). In general, during the growing season the correlation was weak (r = 0.16). For the period of “heading–maturation” low nega­tive value (r = -0.11) was fixed. This was due to heavy precipitations, especially torrential rains, which in some years have caused lodging of plantings resulted in yield decrease.

Conclusions. Under the conditions of Forest-Steppe zone of Ukraine, fluctuations in temperature and water regimes are responsible for significant variability in growing season duration and yield of winter barley. Optimal amount of precipitation (close to long-time annual average) and their uniform distribution throughout growing season is the most favorable for obtaining high yield. “Heading–maturation» period is responsible for the formation of winter barley yield level.


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Author Biographies

О. А. Демидов, The V. M. Remeslo Myronivka Institute of Wheat, NAAS of Ukraine

Oleksandr Demydov

В. М. Гудзенко, The V. M. Remeslo Myronivka Institute of Wheat, NAAS of Ukraine

Volodymyr Hudzenko

С. П. Васильківський, The V. M. Remeslo Myronivka Institute of Wheat of NAAS of Ukraine

Stanislav Vasylkivskyi


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Демидов, О. А., Гудзенко, В. М., & Васильківський, С. П. (2016). Impact of weather conditions during the growing season on winter barley yield in the Forest-Steppe zone of Ukraine. Plant Varieties Studying and Protection, (4(33), 39–44.